Learn these 24 phrasal verbs:

  1. Read the definition and click on the flash cards to study, http://quizlet.com/334157/two-and-three-part-verbs-flash-cards/
  2. See if you can remember the word by seeing the definition, http://quizlet.com/334157/learn/
  3. Test yourself, http://quizlet.com/334157/test/
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  5. Play this game, http://quizlet.com/334157/spacerace/

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Find more phrasal verbs here and what they mean in German. Take the quizzes, http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/grammar_list/phrasal.htm

Watch this Youtube video that will teach you phrasal verbs with "get" and quiz you!

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Here are the 24 phrasal verbs we will study in the class:

brush it off - not to let it have an effect
brush up on - review; relearn
call for - request; suggest
call off - cancel
call on - visit
call someone up - telephone
come across - unexpectedly find
come down with - get sick with
cut down - decrease it
cut it out - stop it
cut off - stop the supply of
get ahead - advance, obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
get along with - be friendly
get at - imply
get back at - get revenge against
get by - manage, come to terms or deal successfully with
get over - recover from
get rid of - throw away
look after - take care of
look into - investigate
look it over - look at it briefly
pick on - bother
pick out - choose
pick someone up - come/go and get