Here is a video tutorial that explains what a podcast is and how to podcast:

Here are a list of many different types of free podcasts so you can practice your English: resources.htm A very handy chart that allows you to see the level and more of different podcasts
http://eslgrammartalk. Great blog to go along! you may check sidebar for more!
http://potatopals.podomatic. com/ (This podcast has questions for understanding. Most are short in length.)
http://www.businessenglishpod. com/category/esl-podcast/ - Business English podcasts
http://www. - In any of Sean's lessons you have a podcasts, quizzes, & activities casts/how2/ (Only 6 minutes! Anyone can do 6 minutes of English a day! Right!)http://www.qualitytime-esl. com/spip.php?rubrique20 (Short and these focus on grammar! They also have scripts.) Listening/Podcasts/ (A list of many) ( Another list of many)